AI is Not as Smart as You May Think (but That's No Reason Not to Be Worried)

The world of AI is full of hype, making it hard to distinguish real threats from fiction. This post is one of a pair and discusses the current challenges and limitations that AI systems face, particularly with regards the large obstacles that must be overcome before any existential threat from AI could manifest itself. The other details the current use of AI in military applications and the risks that this introduces. In all, these posts aim to present you will an accurate view of the current state of AI and direct focus towards the threats from AI that require the most attention going forwards.

The Inaccuracy of Accuracy

In a data-driven world, your analyses will only ever be as good as the metric you use to evaluate them. In this post, I make the claim that the de facto metric used in data science is unfit for purpose and and can lead to the construction of unethical models. If this is the case, what should we use instead?
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