Upon Reflection: dunnhumby

In the first installment of this new blog post series, I will be discussing my summer internship working at the global customer data science firm, dunnhumby. In doing so, I will discuss the elements that tasks up my work, the challenges I faced in completing them, and the lessons I learnt in the process.

Integrating Hexo and Jupyter to Build a Data Science Blog

When creating a data science blog, there are many different approaches that can be taken. The main two decisions revolve around how you wish to write your content and which static site generator you wish to use to build your site. For the last year I have been using RStudio, Blogdown, and Hugo to achieve this but - after much deliberation - I have decided that change is needed. This blog post follows my transition to building a data science blog powered by Jupyter and Hexo, the obstacles I came up against, and the solutions I came to employ.
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