Bank Holiday Bodge: Daily XKCD Mailer

2020 is here and one of my goals for the coming year is to finally get caught up on the XKCD comic series. Starting from the beginning is a dull way of doing things so instead I've taken advantage of Google Cloud Platform's Cloud Scheduler to setup a python script to email me a random selection of new comics each day. In this post I will share how you can do the same.

Maths Matters: Bouncy Numbers

When we get swept up by the data science craze, it is often all too easy to forget the importance of pure mathematics and statistics, in place of flashy new algorithms and machine learning models. As a reminder of the power of pure mathematics, this post discusses how I used a moderate knowledge of combinatorics to solve a challenging ProjectEuler+ problem with only 4 essential lines of code.

Yet Another Sorting Algorithm Visualisation

Sorting algorithms are an essential part of a computer scientist's toolbox. They are so integral to the field that there are almost endless visualisations of the algorithms at work. I've decide to jump on the band wagon and make my own contribution. In this post I discuss my visualisation method and showcase its application on a few simple sorting algorithms, explaining how such processes work in the meantime.

Efficiently Solving a Google Coding Interview Question Using Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics can get a bad reputation at times for being too abstract, and losing relevance to the real world. I think this reputation is largely unjustified and so, in this post, I show how a knowledge of the pure mathematical topics of linear algebra and combinatorics led me to a blazingly fast, and devilishly simple solution to a Google coding interview question.
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