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Hello and welcome to my blog. T-Tested is a portal into the data-y part of my mind. Here, I explore aspects of many disciplines ranging from Computer Science to Ethics, and Statistics to Business. Specifically, I look at how these fields can be combined together, with a sprinkling data-goodness, to tell interesting stories, offer new insight into the world, and help us to make better decisions.

If you’re new to this site and don’t know where to start. Here are some of the articles that I would recommend to get your feet wet:

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About Me

For an in-depth overview of my eductation, experiences, and project work, please see my CV at this link.


I am currently between my second and third year of a degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Warwick, undertaking a placement year at AstraZeneca. I have aimed to keep a wide foundation through my module choices, covering several topics in pure mathematics, operational research, and computer science over my first two years.

Work Experience

As mentioned above, I am currently working as a data science placement student at AstraZeneca. This work involves the use of R, Python, and SQL, as well as some more traditional skills such as statistics and communication to tackle a wide array of problems in the world of chemical development.

I have previous experience working with dunnhumby—a global data science consultancy firm—and Bet365. I have also worked as a tutor, preparing students for SATs, GCSEs, and A-levels in mathematics as well as the 11+ entrance exam.


I am a sucker for an interesting project. Many of the projects that I get involved in or start by myself end up on this website. There are some which are less sorted to this format though, and so I will simply link to their origin locations from here.


This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me—I have opinions; lots of them. I will include a small selection here to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • The refusal to follow PEP 8/257 in large, collaborative projects makes one no better than a wild animal

  • The way you cut your toast in the morning is an important detail worthy of interrogation

  • The default ggplot2 theme is an aesthetic-abomination

  • Java isn’t that bad. Stop whining (I will throw Linux in the same pile)

  • Pandas is the wild west of data science. I will use the tidyverse over it on any day

A prime number I generated to look like a stormtrooper


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